"Who are behind this discounts and offers program?”

This is brought to you by iCOM Works Ltd a specialist Rewards and Communication provider for 22 years. Our experience plus a comprehensive ongoing program of research and dialogue with employer's, employees and market leading consumer brands, has helped us to understand what makes a successful offering of products and services for consumers

"How can I be sure I am getting best value?"

The best answer to that is to try it for yourself! We do understand that there may be times when another comparable offer may be seen in the general media. The important thing to remember is that the offers and discounts have been chosen for their quality and suitability for employees plus an understanding from the supplier to deliver consistently low prices across the year

"Are my statutory rights affected in any way?"

Absolutely not. We simply act as an information and access platform to the supplier so your consumer rights remain exactly the same

"Does my exclusive 4 digit Scheme ID Number mean that only I can use this service?"

No, we recognize that our jobs affect those around us and believe that the user should be able to share the benefits with their immediate family

"What if I am not happy with a product or service that I have received?"

In the first instance you should contact the supplier through the website. However if you are still unhappy with the outcome then please contact us directly by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ section